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Ever since we launched TEA 4 TREES, a sustainable concept with an unconditionally fair value chain has been particularly important to us. It took about a year to turn the idea into reality, including the individually selected teas, organic certification, selection of suitable packaging and finding the contractual partners and negotiating the cooperation.

As a result, TEA 4 TREES is a tea brand with the highest quality standards, which places particular emphasis on socially fair treatment and sustainable action. We closely link our goals to those of the United Nations (UN), which were discussed in 2015 for sustainable development.

The fact that we are able to pursue a large number of these goals is not least due to our partners, who have supported us along the way to date and work closely with us. We are particularly proud of three components of our concept:

  • Organic certification
  • Membership of the Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP)
  • Cooperation with the NGO Plant-for-the-Planet


Organic Certification Ethical Tea Partnership Planet-for-The-Planet
We have been officially certified by the German Society for Resource Protection (GfRS) and meet the guidelines of the EC Eco-Regulation. The ingredients of our teas are without exception organically produced, which contain no flavour enhancers, artificial flavours or colourings and of course no synthetic pesticides are used. You can therefore be sure that you are getting an organic food that has not been treated with chemical substances or influenced by artificial flavours. There are already many great tea brands and excellent tea. The choice is very large and that’s wonderful, because it always gives you the chance to try something new. Depending on what you feel like, you can brew a stimulating tea to wake you up or a tea to come down before bedtime and if you just want something fruity for in between, you can have a fruit tea. With all the choice, it is not always clear how the tea was produced and especially how the farmers are treated. Within the Ethical Tea Partnership we stand together with other leading tea producers for fair and sustainable tea cultivation. The focus is on socially fair treatment of employees, compliance with globally valid labour standards (ILO) and the ongoing questioning and improvement of working conditions and occupational safety.

Learn more about the Ethical Tea Partnership

One of our most important concerns is to initiate a rethink in society. It does not matter how the transitory lifestyle of the past can be justified. We must change something – NOW. Unfortunately, the topic of sustainability and climate protection only receives the media attention it needs at times. But the changing climate is no longer subject to the seasons. From our point of view, it is a progressive process that can only be changed if we all follow suit. We must all think in environmentally friendly terms. Admittedly, with one tree planted for every tea sold, it is far from being done. For us it is a first step in this direction, also to further sensitize our tea lovers to the topic of environmental protection. We are very pleased that we have found a strong and competent partner who will help us to implement our project. Plant-for-The-Planet has set itself the goal of planting 1,000 billion trees to counteract the climate crisis.

Find out more about the great projects of Plant-for-the-Planet

We are very proud of the result, but our journey is not over yet.

Only through you can we continue to grow, support social projects and continue to provide you with great tea blends. For this reason we would like to communicate with you in two directions. You can keep up to date with our newsletter, blog posts and following social channels – you can communicate with us via the contact form and give us feedback. What do you like and what else can we adapt?

We are currently collecting information on how interested you are in providing a calculator for your individual carbon footprint. With this you can calculate your personal CO2 footprint, save the result in your account and make adjustments if your life changes. In this way, you are always exactly informed about whether your environmental impact is decreasing.

You can vote for the CO2 footprint calculator here.

Have fun, enjoyment and pleasure with TEA 4 TREES!

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