The History
If you’re looking for healthy drinks, then stop right here.

Tea is about as healthy as it comes, but did you know it was discovered by accident? Back in ancient China (almost 5,000 years ago) a leaf from a nearby tea-tree fell into an emperor’s boiling water, thus sparking the delicious invention. As time progressed, scientists began to discover a wide array of health benefits linked to tea, benefits which are still relevant today. But the methods used to obtain tea? They’ve gotten worse. Huge multinational companies polluting the environment to mass produce tea.At Tea 4 Trees, we like to do things a little differently. We have the environment at the top of our minds when we make our tea, ensuring that all practices are 100% environmentally friendly. Not to mention we are licensed organic tea producers! But we don’t stop there, for every tea we sell we aim to plant one tree!

Most people aren’t even aware of their carbon footprint and the detrimental impact it’s having on the environment, so we’re doing our best to help customers massively cut down on their footprint. The more tea we sell, the more trees we plant, the healthier the planet becomes! It’s that simple.

Our partners

We work closely with two organizations: Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP) and Plant-For-The-Planet. The ETP is a not-for-profit organisation that delivers long term, transformational programmes that improve the lives of tea workers and farmers. ETP’s social projects range from supporting good nutrition for workers on tea estates to mitigating the impacts of climate change to name a few!

Plant-For-The-Planet is another incredible company that helps us with our goal of a tree planted for each bag of tea we sell. They have set themselves a goal of 1 Trillion (you read that correctly) trees planted.

As a result we’re priced a little higher than our competitors, firstly due to the scrumptious taste of our tea, but also because of the work we do to save the environment!

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