Organic White Tea

White Tea Organic Quality – Wellness for People and Environment

Organic white tea is appreciated by tea connoisseurs as one of the most noble drinks.

On the one hand, white organic tea develops a very fine flowery to nutty, multi-faceted taste. On the other hand, organic white tea is now also known in Europe for its beneficial effects on body and soul. Find out here how high-quality organic white tea is harvested, produced and prepared:

Organic white tea – cultivation, harvest and production

Organic white tea originally comes from China and is already being produced in other regions of the world due to its increasing popularity. In addition to China and Japan, there are other growing areas in India, Sri Lanka and Africa. Depending on the geological differences and sunlight, our organic white tea convinces with a wide range of fresh flavours. White tea in organic quality comes from the plant of green tea, but is produced much more gently. The name white tea is based on the white fluff that covers the youngest upper tea leaves of the plant. The infusion is also much lighter than green tea. Depending on the variety, the colours change between very delicate yellow to light transparent shimmering green tones.
The elaborate production is subject to a careful process, making organic white tea particularly valuable. The young tea leaves are plucked by hand and then cooled in the air for up to 3 hours. Particularly high-quality organic white tea consists of unopened leaf buds, which are dried very gently. At an average temperature of 25°C and a humidity of 60%, the tea leaves wilt in large baskets or on mats. This process takes up to 14 hours. After the first drying at around 120°C and 15 minutes, the leaves or buds are sorted by hand and then dried again for another 15 minutes.

Organic white tea – the preparation makes the pleasure

White organic tea contains vitamin C, theophylline and a small amount of caffeine and is available both as a loose leaf mixture and in the form of tea roses. Due to the high organic quality, you can infuse our varieties several times, whereby each individual infusion develops its specific aroma. Organic white tea is appreciated for its antioxidant effect of polyphenols. In China, white organic tea is traditionally regarded as a health-promoting drink against high blood pressure and for strengthening the immune system.
The temperature and quality of the water is of crucial importance for its preparation. It is best to use soft decalcified water. This guarantees that all the fine nuances of the aromas can develop optimally. Bring the desired amount of water to the boil and then let it cool to just over 70°C. This temperature ensures that the vitamin C is largely retained and that the polyphenols can be absorbed as well as possible. We recommend using about 10-12 grams of tea leaves or tea buds per litre of water. Fill a pre-heated pot directly with the loose tea leaves or use a sieve insert adapted to the pot. The sieve gives you better control over the drawing time. Depending on the desired effect, white organic tea develops its aromas between 1 and 5 minutes. High quality organic white tea can be infused up to 3 times without any loss of quality.
Organic white tea has a fine taste with a character all of its own. Therefore we recommend not to sweeten it additionally.

Buying organic white tea – your contribution to man, climate and environment

Buying organic white tea at TEA 4 TREES means: you contribute to your well-being as well as to the preservation of the environment.

Firstly, the stand-up pouches from our online shop are made of recyclable PE film. In this way you and we ensure that less plastic ends up in the sea. On the other hand our credo is not by chance “TEA 4 TREES”. We cooperate with Plant-for-the-Planet. This organisation ensures that for every tea unit sold, a new tree is planted in order to bring the climate back into balance as far as possible. Last but not least, we work together with ETP (Ethical Tea Partnership) for the purpose of fair trade. In combination, our commitment should help to ensure that people, the climate and the environment soon get better again.

Buy organic white tea: Convince yourself of the excellent and beneficial quality of our hand-picked teas. Organic white tea has a mild aroma and will certainly taste good to you too!

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