Organic Herbal Tea

Organic herbal tea with the powers of nature

Whether camomile, sage or fennel – we have all been familiar with herbal teas from the medicine chest since childhood.

Anyone who has studied herbal medicine knows that there is a herb for almost every ailment. However, organic herbal tea has not only had a firm place in naturopathy for centuries. People all over the world appreciate the variety of flavours and possible combinations and make use of the natural effects of different herbs for their well-being.

Enjoy the refreshing effect of mint or lemon balm in the morning, round spicy meals with a rather tart organic herbal tea or treat yourself to a cup of an aromatic flower mixture for chocolate dessert. Herbal tea can also help you with a cold or stomach ache or support your diet, e.g. with an alkaline organic herbal tea to deacidify your organism. Experience the healing powers of nature on your own body.

Since herbal tea contains no calories and, unlike black or green tea, no caffeine, you can drink as much of it as you like throughout the day. Find out which herbs suit you best and when and discover our delicious organic herbal tea blends.

Organic herbal tea: tasty and healthy

We regard herbs as a valuable gift of nature. We want to make this available to you without harming the environment. That is why we avoid the use of pesticides in the cultivation of organic herbal tea ingredients and only use recyclable PE film for packaging. You can look forward to a high-quality natural product and benefit from the many flavours and ingredients of our organic herbal tea.

Organic herbal tea from fair trade: sustainable and social

The picking and processing of herbs is still laborious manual work today. In order to support the corresponding family businesses in the countries of origin of our organic herbal tea and to create better conditions for the workers, we participate in the Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP). This enables us to offer you a product that you can enjoy with a clear conscience.

ETP has the status of a non-profit organisation and is committed to sustainability and improving working conditions in the global tea trade. Its work also focuses on far-reaching measures for climate protection. As a cooperation partner of ETP, we too are committed to treating people fairly, working sustainably and minimising the impact of the climate crisis. Rather, we want to counteract it.

How you will contribute to climate protection by buying organic herbal tea

With the sale of our organic herbal tea we offer you the opportunity to make your own contribution to climate protection. What sounds so complicated is actually quite simple: for every tea unit you purchase from us, a further tree is planted. This is done by employees of the Plant-for-the-Planet campaign. For many years now, Plat-for-the-Planet has been working on the question of where there is enough space to plant trees, and we believe that this will have the best possible effect against the climate crisis.

Scientists from Switzerland have proven that global reforestation is not naive actionism. According to their research results, trees are currently our best chance to slow down climate change and gain time accordingly. So enjoy the good feeling of doing something for the future of our planet at the same time as your organic herbal tea.

Why you should buy herbal tea loose

Tea bags may seem practical at first glance. However, if you don’t want to compromise on effect and taste, you should always buy your organic herbal tea in bulk. Only then can the dried flowers, leaves, root parts or seeds unfold fully when brewed and release their valuable ingredients into the tea water. The aroma of such teas is many times more intense than that of bagged teas, and you can see exactly what goes into the pot.

If you buy your herbal teas in bulk, you also have the possibility to create your own mixture according to the occasion, your mood and your taste and to dose everything individually.

Herbal tea Brewing time and preparation

For a herbal tea to be fully effective, it must be prepared correctly. Take one teaspoonful of herbs per cup. Brew the herbs with water at a temperature of about 90 degrees. To prevent the valuable essential oils from evaporating unnecessarily, close the cup or pot with a lid.

Organic herbal tea does not contain any teaine, so that the brewing time of one minute more or less hardly matters. The optimal infusion time is 10-15 minutes, but may vary slightly depending on the type of herbs. With medicinal herbs, you should make sure that the tea does not become too strong overall. Pour your organic herbal tea through a sieve at the end of the infusion time or use a sieve insert during the infusion, which you then only have to remove.

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