Organic Flavoured Fruit Tea

Loose organic fruit tea for every taste

Whether as a hot drink on cold winter days or as the basis for a refreshing iced tea in summer – fruit tea quenches thirst in all seasons and is popular with young and old alike.

And fruit tea is an extremely versatile product. It can contain the most diverse aromas and, depending on the blend, can have very different degrees of acidity. From the tropical flower and fruit dream to the spicy Advent tea, there is something for every taste.

We offer you loose fruit tea in organic quality and make our contribution to environmental and climate protection so that you can enjoy your fruit tea without hesitation. We use recyclable PE film as packaging material and a tree is planted for every fruit tea sold.

Delicious and healthy: organic fruit tea from organic cultivation

Fruit tea is a natural product and should therefore only contain natural ingredients. For us this is so natural that we go one step further and use only organic flowers and fruits for our delicious fruit tea blend. With our fruit tea you get a healthy product that is guaranteed to be produced without genetic engineering, artificial fertilizers or pesticides. We have also deliberately avoided the use of artificial flavours in our organic fruit tea.

With the purchase of organic fruit tea you contribute to the fact that nature is less exploited and soils remain fertile for longer. You and your loved ones can enjoy exciting fruit tea flavour compositions that are much more than a simple thirst quencher. The effect of fruit tea depends strongly on its composition and ranges from refreshing to warming and relaxing.

Social responsibility: organic fruit tea from fair trade

As business people, we are aware of our social responsibility. We do not want to make a profit at the expense of others, but on the contrary, we make sure that everyone is doing well. To this end, we are also a loose affiliate of the Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP) in the sale of fruit tea.

As a non-profit organisation, ETP stands for sustainable action in the social and ecological field. In addition to projects such as a special nutrition programme for plantation workers or support and training measures for tea farmers, it is also actively committed to climate protection. By cooperating with such a strong partner, we can also make a positive contribution to the organic fruit tea trade.

For a better climate: buying fruit tea loose, planting trees

Forests are the green lungs of this earth and by deforesting them we are depriving ourselves of our livelihood. Trees break down CO2. The reforestation of forests is therefore a valuable means of combating the climate crisis. We are enthusiastic about the Plant-for-the-Planet initiative, which has set itself the goal of planting 1,000 billion trees. This is where we are happy to join.

We would also like to involve you as a tea lover in this valuable work and have therefore developed the following concept: For every unit of loose fruit tea you buy from us, we will have a tree planted via Plant-for-the-Planet. The initiative’s experts are looking into the question of where and with which type of tree the best effect can be achieved.

Best quality: loose fruit tea for even more taste

We generally recommend buying fruit tea loose. While the so-called fine cut is used for tea bags, loose fruit tea contains plant and fruit pieces up to two millimetres in size. This not only looks more attractive when preparing the tea, but also contributes to a fuller flavour.

In addition, loose fruit tea has another advantage: you can buy individual components as you like and put together your own personal favourite blend. For example, combine classic fruit teas like mallow, rose hip or organic apple with a hint of vanilla or experiment with fruit teas made from mango, pineapple or exotic flowers. We are currently working on a beautiful variety of loose fruit teas in organic quality.

Complete enjoyment: fruit tea Brewing time and preparation

Put about 3-4 heaped teaspoons of fruit tea loosely into a pot and fill it up with one litre of boiling water. Allow the mixture to steep for at least 15 minutes and then pour the finished fruit tea through a sieve. If you want to use a sieve insert for the infusion, make sure that there is enough space for the fruit tea to unfold loosely.

Of course the preparation of organic tea always depends on your personal preferences and habits. However, the longer the infusion time for fruit tea, the fuller and more intense the flavour will develop.

Since caffeine is not an issue with fruit tea, you can drink it at any time of day or night without hesitation. You can also count the calories in the fruit tea on one hand. As long as you don’t add sugar, the drink is also ideal for use during a diet.
Our tip: mix cold fruit tea with organic juice or mineral water and you get a delicious refreshing drink. For special occasions, simply pour your cold fruit tea with sparkling organic sparkling wine – you will be thrilled!

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