The decision to establish a tea brand was made more than a year ago

It took a lot of time, money and nerves to work out the concept and find the right partners. As a result we now offer you a tea that you can enjoy with an absolutely clear conscience. The teas were put together under fair conditions and filled in environmentally friendly packaging. We have personally gained an impression within the supply chain, which was important to us.

With the tea you not only do something good for yourself, but you also support various projects. The aim is to initiate a change in thinking and to ensure that our descendants do not have to pay for what we have caused. So please do not rely on the fact that everything runs by itself because of the tea you buy and the activities you finance with it. Every one of us has to contribute to a sustainable life. If you don’t do it now, please question from now on whether a car has to be used for short distances or whether every piece of fruit / vegetable should be transported protected with a plastic bag.

We also have a lot to learn and improve.

In the following we ask you for honest feedback about the website, the concept and our plans. If you have any other constructive criticism or would like to give us useful tips and advice, we would appreciate it very much.

We hope that you will be happy with our tea and that it will accompany you as long as possible!

Best regards

– November 2020 –


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