Frequently asked questions:

To plant the trees:

Who plants the trees?
We do not plant the trees ourselves. This is done by our partner Plant-for-the-Planet. It is important to us to achieve the best possible effect against the climate crisis and we lack the know-how where there is enough space to plant the trees and on the other hand we do not have the infrastructure and necessary resources. For this reason we have consciously decided to work with Plant-for-the-Planet. We support by taking over the costs of the respective tree planting. In addition we financially support the education of children to become ambassadors.

Where are the trees planted?
It is important to get the most out of the available resources. According to our information there is a lot of space for planting on the Yucatán peninsula in Mexico and an important fact is that trees grow faster on average there than elsewhere. We are in close contact with Plant-for-the-Planet and are happy to keep you up to date with our blog.

Can I see how many trees have been planted by me?
Yes, you will receive a certificate after your order with information about how many trees have been planted by you.

When will I receive the certificate?
At the moment, at the end of the week the orders are evaluated and the certificates are prepared individually and then sent out. This means that you can expect to receive the certificate the week after your order. There is a solution planned that you will receive your certificate immediately after your order.

In which language will I receive the certificate?
Currently in German, we are currently working on the English version. It is not yet clear if and when other languages will be offered.

Can the certificate be transferred – for example if I want to give tea as a gift?
The certificates cannot be transferred. However, you can indicate in the comment field when ordering that you would like a voucher instead of the certificate. You will then receive a voucher code with a link where the certificates can be created.

For vouchers we need the first name (last name is optional) and the corresponding number of vouchers for the respective person (if there are several recipients of the voucher).

General information about tea:

What is the shelf life of loose tea?
In general, loose tea has a minimum shelf life of 12 to 18 months. Frequently, it also has a shelf life of up to 24 months. Depending on how you store it, tea can also be enjoyed beyond that.

What is the best way to store tea?
Loose tea should be stored in a cool and dry place. Like coffee, inadequately packaged tea quickly takes on foreign odours. So ideally, you should pack your loose tea in airtight, odourless tins made of glass, metal, cherry wood or ceramic. Before filling the container in which you want to store your loose tea, it is best to test it with your own nose for foreign odours. Transparent plastic tins are not suitable for loose tea, as it is light-sensitive. A place above the cooker or oven is also rather unsuitable, as the rising heat will damage the sensitive tea leaves.

How is the number of cups calculated?
The number of cups can vary depending on the type of tea and ingredients. In our tests we have received feedback that the ideal amount per litre of water is 12-15g of tea. On average, one tea cup contains 250ml. If you follow this, you will be able to brew about 10 litres of water with a total of 40 cups of tea. There are also some tea lovers who do not need that much tea per litre and brew only 6-8g per litre. Others brew their tea a second time. So you can get much more out of your tea.

How do I know the caffeine content of my tea?
As the amount of caffeine released depends on many factors (such as the method of preparation), it is generally difficult to accurately measure the caffeine content in tea. Please contact us here and we will discuss your concerns.

What are the health benefits of tea?
Tea offers a lot of benefits, not all of which can be listed here. Tea can help you increase stamina, can hydrate, strengthen your immune system, etc. Feel free to visit our blog or browse a little on our site. We will give you lots of tips and information about tea.

How do I prepare tea optimally?
You can prepare your tea while you boil the desired amount of water. For most of our teas, we give 12-15 g per litre as a guide. In some cases, a teaspoon per cup is also suitable as a rule of thumb. With a little practice, you will certainly be able to dose according to how you feel. A sieve ensures that the tea does not float completely loose in the water. Before pouring the tea, always make sure you observe the recommended water temperature and infusion time. When the tea is ready, you can remove the sieve and enjoy the tea.

Can teas be brewed several times?
Yes, green, white and Oolong teas are suitable for this. Use hotter water and shorter infusion times for further infusions. Black tea is not really suitable for repeated brewing, as most of the aromatic substances are already released during the first infusion.

Is tea basically vegan?
Not always. There is, for example, a tea that is grown in Taiwan and for whose production insects are needed. However, this is not the case with us. Therefore our tea is vegan, yes.

What is the difference between caffeine and teaine?..
There are reports that caffeine and teein contain the same active ingredient, but develop differently, or that caffeine in coffee and teein in tea are released differently. In short, teein can be pleasantly invigorating without the side effects of a high pulse. In addition, Teein has a slower, more even effect and can maintain concentration for longer.

Especially with tea from TEA 4 TREES:

Are your teas certified organic?
Yes, we have organic certification and are subject to an annual audit in which we list all our contractual partners and transparently describe the flow of goods.

What makes your tea so special?
As you may have noticed, we do not rely on a wide variety. Only tea blends that convince us in their entirety (presentation, fragrance before and after brewing, colour and taste) make it into the sales. You can be sure that these are absolute top teas of the highest quality. We guarantee this by filling and packaging the tea blends lovingly by hand.

Where do your teas come from?
The tea comes mainly from China and India.

Our exclusive tea from China is already visually appealing and satisfies several senses at once: With an intensive green and a tart fruity smell, our tea convinces from the very first second. And you won’t miss out on the taste either. Our Chinese tea impresses even the most demanding connoisseur with its soft, fresh or sweet taste.

The mountains on the North Indian subcontinent offer the best growing conditions for tea. It is therefore no wonder that some of the most aromatic varieties come from India and Nepal. Indulge in our fresh, flowery aromas of rare teas or enjoy the rich flavours of our selected Assam tea.

We are currently working on further tea ideas with teas from Japan and Taiwan. Due to a special form of cultivation the green tea develops a sweetish-tart aroma and provides a very pleasant taste. In addition, we are also considering offering Oolong teas. From Formosa (Taiwan) comes brilliant Oolong tea, whose delicate sweet taste is indescribably good.

Where do the other ingredients come from?
The other ingredients come from all over the world. The mate bush, for example, is native to Latin America, while ginger traditionally grows in the tropics and subtropics and nettles are at home in Europe and for our tea they often come from Germany. For our teas we only use the best ingredients. When selecting our suppliers, we make sure that they also have their own organic certification.

How sustainably is the tea for TEA 4 TREES cultivated?
It is important to us that our product is fair to all and for all. This also includes the environment. For example, we are part of the Ethical Tea Partnership and take great care to ensure that enough raw materials can grow again. In addition, we are certified organic and do not use any synthetic ingredients.

Do your teas contain sugar?
We do not add sugar to our teas, no. Nor do we sweeten our teas with stevia leaves. Our blends contain a natural sweetness due to the candied fruits, which you will find in some of our teas.

Can I use your tea without hesitation during pregnancy or breastfeeding?
Not all teas are suitable to a large extent. Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers are advised not to drink too much caffeine – this includes teaine. You can enjoy our fruit tea at any time without hesitation. We are currently working on a delicious tea for pregnant women and nursing mothers. If you have any questions, you can contact us directly here.

Why does the filling in the packaging vary?
Because the ingredients are different and the volume of the ingredients varies, the packed tea blends sometimes look differently full. For example, “Relax, Enjoy” is filled a bit more voluminously, “Club Earl Grey” a bit more plain. Both have the same weight and you can brew the same number of cups.