We love Tea

We love everything about tea.

From its diverse scents to its incredible flavors, to the range of experiences it offers. If you are like us and love tea, you’re in the right place. Through TEA 4 TREES, we share a variety of types of teas with our fellow tea lovers. Looking for something to calm your mind after a long day at work? We have a tea for that. Want to detox after a particularly grueling week, day, or even month? Our selection includes tea to help you detox properly. That’s why we love tea. It offers relief from multiple ailments of day-to-day life. And we’ve created a company to support not just delicious tea types but also the farmers who cultivate them. With TEA 4 TREES, you can be confident you’re consuming a healthy, enjoyable, and guilt-free product produced under fair conditions for tea farmers. Sustainable Tea Done Right

Inside every tea bag are organic, healthy, and hand-picked tea blends designed to support your healthy lifestyle.

Our selection includes:

  • Pick-Me-Up Green or Black Teas designed to replace your morning coffee for a calmer energizing effect
  • Calming Tea, curated to relax your mind and body in a single cup
  • Detoxifying Tea, great for helping your body perform at its best.
  • Antioxidant-Rich Teas to keep you healthy and happy and protect your body from harmful free-radicals

Whatever blend you choose, each one is ideally suited for a healthy, active lifestyle and delicious enough for daily consumption.

Our Story

TEA 4 TREES was founded by our owner and operator, Niko. Like so many others before him, Niko became particularly concerned about climate change after becoming a father. His daughter, and her future, became the most important thing in his life. When researching how to reduce his own carbon footprint, he came across information about how climate change is affected by global deforestation. Niko discovered that over 15 billion trees are chopped down every single year! No amount of tree planting can undo the damage caused by this level of deforestation. But there is hope. Contributing to companies that offer sustainably sourced materials for their packaging and fair process for farmers, can have a significant impact on one’s carbon footprint. With a fascination for delicious teas, Niko decided to blend together both of his passions: fighting climate change and tea! The result is a brand that brings you the absolute best organic teas inside sustainable packaging.

Our Philosophy

At TEA 4 TREES, our philosophy is to produce quality, organic, healthy tea products in a sustainable way. In collaboration with the Ethical Tea Partnership and Plant-For-The-Planet, we ensure fair conditions for all stakeholders and contribute to the environment in a meaningful way. Sustainability and conscious tea production empower us to embody our philosophy in every cup of tea. We Invite You To Indulge Your Senses & Make A Difference Dive into the world of delicious, healthy teas guilt-free with our sustainably sourced and packaged teas. Grab your favorite blend, today! Join our newsletter for tips for how you can reduce your carbon footprint and much more!