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TEA 4 TREES offers one of the world’s finest selections of premium organic teas while supporting sustainability by partnering with organizations that are combating deforestation.


We’re here to make your healthy lifestyle choices easier with delicious teas that calm the mind and support the body.

Top Quality Organic Premium Teas
Our organic premium tea selection is uniquely designed for your lifestyle. You work hard, you play hard, and you care about your health. Our tea selection includes the perfect brew for every part of your life.

Green Teas
Packed full of healthy antioxidants, our green tea blends energize your mind and body, making them the perfect coffee substitute. Green tea is also excellent for weight loss and strengthening your metabolism. It’s the ideal tea for everyday drinking.
Black Teas
Stronger in flavor than other teas, black tea gives you the kick you need to burn through an intense workout or otherwise perform at your best. Our blends are crafted to give you the strong flavor you love and the health benefits you need, all in a single cup.
Relaxation Blends
Sip away your worries with quality relaxation tea blends that bust stress and ease your mind. Ideal for post-workout or after a long day at the office, you’ll love the way this blend tastes and feels!
Detox Blends
Each cup of our detox blend tea supports your body in fueling and eliminating toxins. Holistic health requires internal and external support. Our detox blends aid your body in purifying your internal health. Be at your best with our detox teas.
Sustainably Sourced
We are passionate about teas and sustainability. For us, it is impossible to separate physical health and the health of our environment. So, we set out to build a tea company built on fair trade, across the board. All stakeholders from our tea farmers to our warehousing partner, are treated fairly and fully supported. Our commitment to sustainability is unwavering.
Benefits of Drinking Our Teas
Tea is an ancient beverage, but what makes it so great for an active modern lifestyle?

-Incredible for the Body
Teas are repeatedly proven to improve your digestion, regulate blood sugar levels, and aid in weight loss. Our blends are sourced from organic ingredients, guaranteeing you get the best out of every drop.

-Healthy for Your Skin
The right tea blends can make your skin clearer thanks to countless antioxidants that rejuvenate your cells.

-Eliminates Toxins
Our organic premium teas are made without harmful toxins and pesticides. Enjoy cleaner, healthier, teas when you choose TEA 4 TREES blends.

-Broaden Your Tastes
Unique to our blend selection, we offer an exotic list of tea tastes that awaken your tongue and enchant your mind.
Do Something Good for Your Body & The World
TEA 4 TREES is an all-around sustainable-focused company. When you buy a box of our premium organic blend tea, you’re supporting sustainability and an NGO promoting reforesting. Our organic teas are produced under fair working conditions, allowing you to enjoy them guilt-free. Experience premium organic tea like never before and plant a tree for every product sold, with TEA 4 TREES.
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Loose tea in best organic quality

For some years now, loose tea has been finding more and more lovers - and rightly so!


Because the quality of the whole tea leaf, professionally processed and carefully packaged, can hardly be compared to the tea dust, the so-called "fannings", which come onto the market in conventional tea bags. This tea is a mass product that often bitter too quickly and offers little of what connoisseurs appreciate in loose tea: incomparably complex aromas, elegant fragrances and a crystal-clear, brilliant play of colors in the cup. The range of good loose teas is enormous and extends from the tangy-fresh Sencha from Japan to the fine-flowery Darjeeling from India to the strong, malty character of a racy Assam. Also specialties like the semi-fermented Oolong or the Chinese Pu-Erh tea with its earthy, root-like taste can be found among the loose teas in excellent quality. If you really want to dive into the fascinating world of tea, our loose teas are the right choice.

Bring the tea cultures of the world to your home

Almost every region in the world looks back on its own tea tradition: North Americans have loved their ice tea for over 100 years, Russians like to sweeten their loose tea with jam, Indians slurp aromatically spiced chai with milk and sugar on every street corner. Today, tea lovers and those who want to become tea lovers enjoy the luxury of being able to bring all the tea cultures of the world into their homes - at the click of a mouse and in unprecedented variety. In our store, we also offer high quality loose teas from all over the world - a selection that leaves nothing to be desired. However you like it best: loose tea is a drink for any time of day or night. As a refreshing breakfast tea and pick-me-up we recommend a black tea with a higher tea content. Depending on your personal taste, there are varieties with more or less tannic acid, which is noticeable in the mouthfeel of the finished infusion. Loose green tea and Oolong tea can usually be brewed several times, whereby the aroma of the loose tea changes pleasantly from time to time and the tea content gradually decreases - the perfect daily companion, whether for work at home, the office or for the well-deserved end of the day.

Loose green tea

Originally from China, and later also from Japan, loose green tea has long since become a global hit. The worldwide demand for the noble tea leaf is increasing and increasing, an end of the boom is not in sight. This is hardly surprising, since this healthy, tasty drink has an invigorating and balancing effect on the human organism. Loose green tea gently stimulates the circulation and also tastes incredibly refreshing. Like its stronger brother, black tea, green tea is obtained from the evergreen tea bush Camellia sinensis. This tea plant is the source of all tea varieties containing tea, including green and black teas as well as specialties such as Oolong, Pu-Erh, white and yellow tea. Fruit and redbush teas, herbal and spice teas are strictly speaking not real teas, as they are prepared from completely different plants.

Unlike for black tea, the tea leaves for the completely unfermented green tea are not allowed to wilt after plucking, but are only dried briefly with a blower. Then the leaves are heated strongly in wok-like pans and thus "fixed", which prevents oxidation. After this process the leaf juices are more concentrated than before, aromas and essential oils are fully preserved. Now the leaves can be rolled or twirled, which breaks up the cell walls and gives the typical appearance of a loose tea. The aromas of the green tea come to the surface of the leaf, which is now dried - mostly in automatic drum dryers, rarely also still traditionally in woks or baskets over an open fire. Finally, the tea leaves are sorted according to size and unwanted parts such as stalks are removed. The higher the quality of a loose tea, the less breakage it contains. Whole leaves are considered a special quality feature here. Loose green tea comes in a variety of forms: needle-like like rosemary, twisted into balls like the popular gunpowder from China, smooth or rolled into snails and curls.

Hot beloved black tea

Although green tea is becoming more and more popular in this country, the biggest tea favorite of the western world is still black tea. Unlike unfermented green tea, black tea is fully fermented. The process releases intense aromas, which are usually voluminous and strong, but vary significantly from variety to variety. The range of loose black teas extends from the delicate, flowery Darjeeling from the first spring plucking to the dark malty Assam, which - drunk with milk and candy, for example - makes an excellent autumn and winter tea. Even such popular tea blends as East Frisian tea or breakfast tea are made from a combination of different black tea varieties. Because of the color of its cup, the Chinese do not speak of black tea, but of "red tea". If you want to buy loose tea, experiment with different varieties. The world of tea holds many surprises for you!

If you want to buy loose tea for the first time, it's best to buy a few black and green teas of different character in small quantities, so that you can gradually drink your personal favorite variety. Black tea has a pleasantly stimulating effect due to its tea content, whereby the amount of tea varies from variety to variety. The invigorating effect of a cup of black tea does not fizzle out as quickly as that of a cup of coffee, whose caffeine content raises the pulse rate for a short time, but then causes it to drop rapidly. The teaine contained in loose teas has a slower and more even effect and promotes concentration over a longer period of time. In addition, a pot of tea does the stomach a lot better than a pot of coffee.

A special variety is the Oolong, a hermaphrodite between unfermented green tea and fully fermented black tea. The fermentation process is interrupted here by intense heat after just a few hours. The result is a gentle, soft loose tea that can be brewed several times, just like green tea.

Stay healthy and buy loose tea

Loose tea is not only a culinary delight, but also extremely healthy. As it has an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect, it protects against caries as well as against bad breath caused by bacteria. The fluoride it contains also hardens the teeth. Although loose tea is pleasantly invigorated by the caffeine it contains, in this case called teaine, it does not make you feel restless. On the contrary: Loose green tea in particular relaxes the mind thanks to the amino acid L-theanine. Antioxidants are contained in both black and green tea. They protect the skin from free radicals and support it in cell repair. But that's not all: loose tea increases bone density, promotes digestion and fat burning and appears to have a positive effect on the heart, circulation and vessels. It is also said to have a cancer preventive effect. Loose tea is a true all-rounder and stands for health and pleasure.

What is the shelf life of loose tea?

As with many natural foods and beverages, the same applies to loose tea: the fresher, the better. However, loose tea is a dry product that can be enjoyed for a long time if stored correctly. In general, loose tea has a minimum shelf life of 12 to 18 months. As said before: at least! Really good teas can be kept for several years if stored correctly and still be drunk with pleasure. Normally you can still use loose tea without hesitation even if the best before date has long expired. Only its aroma gets weaker with time. So you can buy loose tea - preferably in small quantities - well in stock and also give it away wonderfully. Tea cannot actually spoil in the sense of becoming bad. Mould only forms if you store it poorly packaged in a too humid environment, for example in the refrigerator or in a wet cellar. In this case your loose tea is unfortunately no longer salvageable. As a rule of thumb, loose green tea tastes best within the first six to eight months, while oolongs last a good one to two years. Non flavoured black tea lasts at least two years.

Loose tea storage

The right storage is essential for the highest tea enjoyment. Loose tea is a real noble lady and needs to be stored as cool and dry as possible. You should avoid the cardinal mistake of placing your tea on the spice rack next to paprika powder and garlic granules - no loose tea without a loss of taste will forgive you for that. Like coffee, inadequately packaged tea quickly takes on foreign odors. In no time at all you will have a highly aromatic onion tea, which you did not order from us. If, on the other hand, you pack your loose tea in airtight, odourless cans made of glass, metal, cherry wood or ceramic, even a place on the spice shelf should not be a big problem. Before filling, test the container in which you want to store your loose tea with your own nose for foreign odors of garlic, cheese, curry or other spicy foods. Transparent plastic tins are not suitable for loose tea, as it is light sensitive. A place above the stove or oven is also taboo - the rising heat damages the sensitive tea leaves.

Loose tea preparation

There is nothing easier than preparing a steaming cup of tea. However, there are some things that need to be considered in order to fully exploit the potential of a good loose tea. It starts with the quality of the water and goes on to the right infusion temperature and the optimal infusion time of the precious tea leaves. If you want to buy loose tea, first of all get a cup or a teapot, because you really enjoy making your tea. Because the eye drinks with you. A teapot, as we know it from coffee culture, is also suitable for preparing loose teas - as long as no coffee aromas have settled in it.

The basic advantage of loose tea compared to conventional tea bags is that the tea leaves have enough space to be washed around by the water when they are pulled and can thus - literally - unfold. If you don't want to throw the tea leaves loose in the pot or cup, which is quite a possibility, get a suitable tea strainer or tea egg, preferably made of metal, which gives your loose tea enough room to swell. Many teapots already have integrated strainer inserts; here you don't need to worry about anything. If you prefer disposable paper tea filters, you can choose between different sizes. Small filters for a single cup of tea are ideal for single households, larger ones for jumbo cups or the family teapot. If in doubt, take a size larger so that the loose tea can float as freely as possible in the filter, strainer or tea infuser. If you do not want to do without tea bags completely, it is best to use the modern pyramid bags, which give the tea more room to unfold thanks to their special shape.

It all depends on the water

Water hardness plays a decisive role in the preparation of tea. Only strong Assam black teas tolerate harder water, most other loose teas like it soft. If you live in an area with hard water, a water filter will do a good job. Otherwise, the calcareous water falsifies the fine tea aroma and forms an unsightly film on the hot drink. You can also steep your loose tea in a mixture of distilled water and tap water or use fresh spring water. Mineral water on the other hand is not suitable for making tea! Before you brew your loose tea, check the temperature of the water (real professionals will already preheat your pot or cup.) Black teas like it boiling hot, Oolongs and green teas are more sensitive, white and yellow teas as well. Depending on the variety - note the information on the tea package - the water must first cool down to 65 to 85 degrees before you pour it over the tea. Otherwise you will not only destroy its delicate aromas but also valuable ingredients. If you want to buy loose tea for the first time, you may still be a little uncertain about the right cooling time. In this case you can either buy a cooking thermometer or a special kettle for tea with integrated temperature display. To cut a long story short: Put loose tea into the cup, pour water over it and enjoy. This is the basic formula for successful tea enjoyment. The scalded tea leaves can be completely composted, provided they are not in poorly degradable tea bags.

As everywhere else, the dosage of loose teas is a personal matter of taste. A good guideline gives you the information that can be found on many tea packages. Or you can start with a level teaspoon per cup and gradually work your way up to the desired strength. Keep in mind that coarse-leaved loose tea takes up more space on the spoon than fine-leaved tea, so you will probably need a little more of it.

Loose tea for all situations - also in cocktails and desserts

Those who can't get enough of loose tea can take a side glance at the latest tea trends: For some time now, the cocktail scene has been interested in drinks with aromatic tea infusions, and not only Earl Grey, perfumed with bergamot oil, is doing particularly well. A good loose tea gives cocktails new, undreamt-of layers of flavor, while high-proof teas such as gin or whiskey perfectly extract the aromas from the tea and pleasantly enhance them. Whether tea martini or gin and tonic with Earl Grey and lemon: the possibilities are almost unlimited. Perhaps you would like to experiment a little?

If you like it rather sweet, you can also try fine tea desserts. From East Frisian tea cream to green tea jelly with fresh fruit, you will find many delicious recipes for this chapter. Loose tea with its full, balanced taste also forms an excellent basis for winter hot drinks such as the classic rum punch or a creamy Masala Chai. If you like to experiment, you can also add high-quality spices to your favorite tea yourself. Try how your loose tea tastes if you add untreated lemon, tangerine or orange peel while infusing it or season it with whole cloves, cinnamon sticks, cocoa chips or cardamom. If you want to buy loose tea, you can flavor it with spices like vanilla or dried rose petals already in the storage container.

Many summer soft drinks are also prepared on the basis of loose tea: In addition to the classic iced tea from North America, which traditionally consists of black tea, sugar and lemon, the method of cold extraction is currently making the rounds. In this method, the ingredients of the loose tea are gently dissolved in cold water over a longer period of time, usually overnight. The result tastes particularly fine, is very rich in vital substances and contains less teaine than a traditional infusion with hot water. In Japan, cold green tea is especially popular on sultry summer days.

Organic loose tea in sustainable quality

If you want to drink your loose tea with a good feeling, you should pay special attention to the quality and origin of your favorite varieties. Many tea plantations use a lot of toxins to control pest infestations, which, despite regular controls, can always end up in the final product. In the long run, tea drinkers are not doing their own well-being or the health of the environment and plantation workers a favor. Therefore it is recommended to fall back on loose tea from organic cultivation. We work together with the non-profit organization ETP (Ethical Tea Partnership), which has been working for over 20 years to make the tea industry more sustainable. Our common goals are: to improve the lives of plantation workers and tea farmers, for example through good nutrition, but also to mitigate the consequences of climate change. If you would like to buy loose tea from us, you are also doing something good for the world around you.

We also rely on the TEE 4 TREES campaign: For every unit of loose tea purchased from us, a new tree is planted all over the world. To this end, we are cooperating with Plant-for-the-Planet, a global movement against climate change that wants to motivate mankind to plant 1,000 billion new trees through joint efforts. Plant-for-the-Planet knows exactly where best to plant which trees to help the climate back on its feet. What's more, the packaging of our loose teas is made of recyclable PE film - to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. We want to offer our customers healthy tea products without harming the environment.